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The best multichannel automation solution for ecommerce sellers

Inventory, price, and order management for the smartest sellers on earth.


Inventory Monitoring

Automated Repricing

Order Management

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Connect to selling channels using pre-built supplier integrations or hosted wholesale files.

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What we offer

Smart, reliable tools to automate your multichannel dropshipping business.

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Set, monitor, and adjust available stock for each of your items across all selling channels so you never sell out-of-stock.

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We monitor and accept cost pricing for each of your items, and adjust all of your selling channels automatically.

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Automatically pulls order information into the software to make it easy for you and your team to manage. 

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The best tools and automations for your Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook dropshipping business all in one place.

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Gravity product sourcing extension

Customize your search criteria and run the extension while browsing any of our supported sourcing sites. We'll help you find products FAST that will sell for a profit.

Quick Comparison

Advanced Filters

One-Click Listing

Integrations & selling channels

Offers pre-built supplier integrations and supports wholesale dropshipping.

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"I no longer have to deal with the endless frustration of out of stock products or missed sales opportunities. No more selling items for a loss. As a result, I saw a 60% increase in my monthly sales."

Allan Gonzalez,
661 listings

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"Automation removes all the stress when it comes to fulfilling orders! The fact that it confirms orders for me saves countless hours. It wasn’t hard to set up when I first invested in it."

Manuel Campos, 1,571 listings

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"I'm so happy with the efficiency that Trigmatic brings to my business. I've tried the competition and this is by far the best way to power my multichannel e-commerce sales"

Ory Herschcovich
45,000 listings


Articles & resources

Get ready to maximize your profit with our multichannel solutions

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