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Stop worrying about selling for a loss! We monitor cost pricing for each of your items, and adjust your selling channels automatically. We built in the most advanced Walmart repricer on the market, and integrate with others.

Stay competitive and profitable across marketplaces

Repricing integrations

Connect OAGenius to your favorite repricer or use our built-in Walmart repricer.


Multichannel freedom

  • Supports different pricing strategies for different selling channels

  • Allows variable tax and shipping settings for each supplier

  • Offers shipping cost overrides for bundles and kits

  • Doesn't lock you into a one-price-fits-all model


Profit calculations

  • Automatically sets prices based on your acceptable profit margins

  • Allows you to choose a percentage or fixed dollar amount of profit

  • Calculates price based on supplier cost, shipping, and selling fees

  • Makes sure you're always selling at a profitable price point


Your Walmart repricer is wrong

  • Does not rely on Walmart's unreliable API

  • Uses machine-learning to reprice based on actual prices

  • Retrieves buy box info directly from

  • Eliminates the 40% of Walmart API price data that is incorrect

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