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Your remedy for order management and fulfillment headaches! We eliminate tedious tasks by automatically pulling order information into the software to make it easy for you and your team to manage. 

Keep your orders organized and fulfill them faster

Integrations coming soon

Connect to other eCommerce tools.

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Quick filters

  • Sorts orders by SKU, order ID, customer, shipping address, etc.

  • Organizes orders by pending, shipped, and out of stock status

  • Allows for filtering by a specific source or selling channel

  • Exports filtered views into .CSV files for easy analysis


Order routing

  • Allows for custom order routing directly to your supplier

  • Automatically pulls order info into the software for you

  • Confirms shipments on selling channels for you

  • Makes sure you never lose track of an order


Profit losses, returns & refunds

  • Displays the number of total refunds by time period

  • Measures your profit loss for given dates with custom filters

  • Analyzes which products are being returned too frequently

  • Shows your refund rate to keep seller metrics healthy

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