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OAGenius releases in-app repricing to solve Walmart API issues

Dropshippers can now accurately reprice their Walmart listings while other repricers rely on incorrect data 40% of the time

The Problem with Walmart Repricing

If you’re a serious seller on Walmart Marketplace, you’re likely using a repricer to keep your listings competitive and get a better shot at winning the buy box. The repricer you’re using relies on Walmart’s API to receive updated prices, as well as important information about the buy box owner — such as their name, current price, and seller metrics.

The problem is that the data being shared by the Walmart API is wrong. A lot.

In fact, over 40% of the buy box data we’ve received from the Walmart API is out-of-date, missing, or downright incorrect. How can you be expected to reprice your listings effectively if the automated strategies you’re using are reacting to old or inaccurate metrics?

Well, you could keep flying blind in hopes that Walmart will improve their API and start pushing more precise information about their prices. Or you could start repricing based on the actual prices and buy box information displayed on the front-end of Walmart Marketplace. The price and offer that the actual buyer is seeing when they are shopping on

The OAGenius Solution

That’s where the new in-app repricer from OAGenius comes into play. Our core software, Sage, manages inventory, prices, and orders for Walmart dropshippers. And over the last year or so, we’ve developed some highly-effective technical solutions for scraping information from the front-end of Walmart Marketplace. We’ve gotten around many obstacles such as bot detection, CAPTCHAs, and more in order to collect data quickly and accurately off of

Our repricer puts these skills to use, blending our proprietary scraping methods with the data we receive from the Walmart API, to power our repricing strategies with the insight needed to price our customers into the buy box more competitively.

How OAGenius Walmart Repricing Works

Unlike any other Walmart repricer on the market, we’re able to:

  • Double-check Walmart API notifications against real live competitor pricing on before pushing new price updates

  • Push price updates immediately when the Walmart API reports a buy box price change

  • Check and update buy box prices even if we don't receive a buy box change notification from Walmart

  • We bulk push updates that are not related to competition price changing i.e. min/max settings updates or total cost of an item updated from the supplier

  • We know exactly who is on the listing and at what prices

This safeguards your listings from delayed or inaccurate Walmart API notifications. Since we know that they claim those updates are supposed to be on-demand, but in fact are delayed or non-existent 40% of the time, this gives our customers a huge advantage over other sellers who are using other repricing softwares.

Don’t believe that there could be this much variance across repricers? We know it seems crazy, but our network of dropshippers have detected major differences when using competing software.

The OAGenius repricer accommodates all the same smart strategies that you might be used to from other softwares. We can offset your price above or below the buy box price by a specific dollar amount or percentage, or we can match the buy box price exactly.

We’ll protect you from being removed from the listing for a "reasonable price not satisfied" error from Walmart by allowing you to set a max price in relation to your cost. And we’ll make sure you never sell for a loss by respecting your min price, even if your buy box offset would technically bring you below it.

For example, if the buy box price is $20.00, your minimum price is $17.00, and your repricing strategy is to beat the buy box price by $4.50, then technically we should reprice you to $15.50, but would respect the minimum price and only reprice you down to $17.00. We’ll never overstep your minimum or maximum thresholds.

Conveniently, OAGenius customers can toggle repricing on and off for specific items directly from their Listings Page — while being able to check the following information in an easy-to-digest view:

  • Min/Max price

  • Current price

  • Competition price

  • Number of competitors

  • Number of offers on the listing

  • Estimated profit (at your current selling price)

The Bottom Line

If you’re dropshipping on Walmart Marketplace, you no longer have to toggle to a different software for repricing. Everything can be done in one consolidated platform inside OAGenius Sage for Walmart. And even more importantly, you’ll be getting more accurate and up-to-date buy box information than with any other solution out there, with changes being pushed constantly in response to other sellers' prices.

For a limited time, current customers can use the feature for free while it is in its early access. Plus, new users will get access to the repricer during their FREE 7-day trial of OAGenius Sage. Click here to get started and start managing your inventory, orders, and accurate prices all in one place.



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