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OAGenius releases in-app repricing to solve Walmart API issues

Dropshippers can now accurately reprice their Walmart listings while other repricers rely on incorrect data 40% of the time

The Problem with Walmart Repricing

If you’re a serious seller on Walmart Marketplace, you’re likely using a repricer to keep your listings competitive and get a better shot at winning the buy box. The repricer you’re using relies on Walmart’s API to receive updated prices, as well as important information about the buy box owner — such as their name, current price, and seller metrics.

The problem is that the data being shared by the Walmart API is wrong. A lot.

In fact, over 40% of the buy box data we’ve received from the Walmart API is out-of-date, missing, or downright incorrect. How can you be expected to reprice your listings effectively if the automated strategies you’re using are reacting to old or inaccurate metrics?

Well, you could keep flying blind in hopes that Walmart will improve their API and start pushing more precise information about their prices. Or you could start repricing based on the actual prices and buy box information displayed on the front-end of Walmart Marketplace. The price and offer that the actual buyer is seeing when they are shopping on

The OAGenius Solution