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Set, monitor, and adjust available stock for each of your items across all selling channels so you never sell out-of-stock again. Flexible inputs allow us to access your inventory levels and make adjustments quickly.

Easily manage dropshipping inventory

Sales channels we support

Manage your inventory for selling across multiple channels.

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Listing automations

  • Checks availability and cost on source sites

  • Activates available items on your chosen selling channels

  • Configures quantity and shipping settings

  • Lists products directly from our platform to the selling channel


Bundle quantities

  • Supports variations, kits, and bundles

  • Shows how many items need to be ordered on source site clearly

  • Allows for shipping threshold overrides

  • Makes listing variations, kits, and bundles straightforward


Easy lister

  • Offers pre-built integrations with thousands of popular suppliers

  • Requires only a source product URL to list an item

  • Auto-populates listing SKU, initial price, and handling time

  • Makes it easy to configure default settings for each supplier

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