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When to Invest in Automation Tools for Your Amazon Dropshipping Business

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

In becoming an Amazon dropshipper, the man-hours you put into your business will be a bigger investment than any monetary amount.

Financially, there are minimal barriers when getting started. There’s no URL to register, no physical inventory or warehouse to pay for, and you only spend on a product once an order is placed.

Your primary expense is the $39.99 monthly for an Amazon professional seller’s account.

Minimize Financial Barriers to Starting Your Dropshipping Business

Dropshippers often see a 500% annual increase in revenue during their first few years in the industry, while other startups make back just 67% of their original investment after 18 months. It’s easy to see why dropshipping is an enticing career path.

That’s not to call dropshipping easy money. It requires a ton of work, passion, and drive. However, by putting in the effort and working smart, you’ll see growth.

Given Amazon’s vast range of potential customers - 2.5 billion to be exact - the chances of finding buyers are in your favor if you hustle. Within your first month in business, you should have around 10+ listings and garnered enough revenue to cover the yearly cost of your Amazon fees.

You’ll also be comfortable with the various machinations of dropshipping—including your daily tasks and how to purchase and sell items.

With the beginning stages behind you, spending approximately $400 on automation software and $160 on employees will fortify your operation. $560 is a small price to pay compared to how much you’ll be making.

Automation Saves Your Biggest Commodity; Time.

It’s all well and good to put tons of hours into your business, but the hours you spend must be valuable, not dedicated to chasing your tail while performing menial tasks.

In a survey, 74% of marketers claimed that the main benefit of automation technology was time saved.

With the list of helpful automation tools below, you’ll spend your precious time in a way that generates the most profits:

OAGenius Enables Real Amazon Automation

OAGenius is intuitive to all things dropshipping, offering a versatile suite of tools that help manage multiple facets of your operation. With OAGenius, tasks such as product listing, inventory management, price monitoring, and order fulfillment become more organized and less time-consuming as you scale your business.

At $175/month, OAGenius is a frugal investment that pays for itself in time saved and otherwise untapped opportunities.

For an additional $29/month, OAGenius has a product sourcing extension with the following features:

  • Enhanced product browsing

  • Price comparison tools

  • Product filtering

  • Accelerated buying/selling tools that sync with other inventory management software

They’ve also launched fully-automated ordering for Walmart. With this feature enabled, the software will automatically log into the sourcing site and place any new orders that are rolling in. Best of all, if an item comes back in stock, they place that order immediately.

This is a case where automation really speeds up a dropshipper's daily workflow, giving them a huge advantage over other Amazon sellers.

As a safeguard, the feature will only order items that you confirm as a match. Other security advantages of automation are obvious. Software never gets tired, so it never enters incorrect recipient info or quantity. Plus, you don’t need to trust VA’s with your credit card info, giving you peace of mind in addition to saving time.

Be Informed. Win the Buy Box. is a tool with proven results, reporting an average 63% increase of Buy Box ownership for dropshippers after 2 weeks. It’s through features such as automated price changing, actionable analytics, and compatibility with OAGenius that make this software a must-have for arbitragers.

Given’s Buy Box success rates, the $150.00/month you’ll be spending will equate to a mere ripple in your financial waters.