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The best multichannel dropshipping software

All-in-one platform for inventory management, price monitoring, order tracking, and more.


The Lister

List products to Amazon, Walmart, or Facebook Shops and our system simultaneously for effortless automated management. 

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Flexible Settings

Take full control the initial price, shipping costs, and handling time for each item.

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Auto Assign Shipping

For each supplier, assign tax and shipping based on free shipping thresholds. 


Lightning Fast

Simply input the source URL and the listing URL. We do everything else! ​

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Bundle up

We support variations, kits, and bundling multiple products into one ASIN. ​

Selling channels we support

Manage your inventory for selling across multiple channels.

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Coming soon!


Stop worrying about changing costs, out-of-stock items, and selling for a loss

​We monitor cost pricing and available stock for each of your items, and adjust your selling channels automatically.

  • Syncs with your repricer in real-time

  • Customizable shipping, handling time, and tax settings

  • ​​Pauses and re-lists items as they go in and out of stock

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In-App Repricing

Stay competitive and profitable on Walmart Marketplace with lightning-fast price changes and strategies driven by real-time data.

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Your current repricer is wrong

Competing repricers all use Walmart's unreliable API. But over 40% of the buy box data shared by the Walmart API is out-of-date, missing, or incorrect.

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Stop flying blind

Our scraping methods allow you to reprice based on the actual prices and buy box information displayed on the front-end of Walmart Marketplace.

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Everything in one place

No need to juggle multiple tools when you can manage inventory, automate orders, and make 24/7 strategic price changes all in one place.

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Order management and

fulfillment without all

of the tedious steps

We automatically pull order information into the software to make it easy for your team to manage.

  • Automatically confirms shipments on sales channels for you

  • Calculates profit based on cost and selling fees

  • Manage customer service, return requests, and refunds

  • Auto-swap tracking numbers directly in app

Supported Sources

Source millions of products from the world's most trusted retailers.

User management and collaboration

Stay organized with time-saving employee management functions.


Permission Settings

Allow full access to reporting or restrict to listings, products, and orders as needed.


Protect Your Marketplace

Sourcing employees can list directly to Amazon with one click without ever accessing Seller Central.


Streamline Tasks

Leave notes for your team about orders and products, speeding up your daily workflow.

New: Wholesale Dropshipping

Use hosted files for wholesale cost and inventory monitoring.

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Many File Types Supported

We now allow you to use FTP, hosted CSV, Google Sheets, and Dropbox files to integrate OAGenius with your wholesale suppliers.

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Sync to selling channels

If you're sourcing from a wholesaler our software will automatically sync costs and inventory to Amazon or Walmart.

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Free access

For a very limited time, OAGenius subscribers can enjoy this as a free add-on to any paid plan. Go ahead and try it out today!

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Plans billed monthly per marketplace. Cancel anytime.

  20k Listings $1,499

50k Listings 2,499

    100k Listings $3,999

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  • How does the free trial work?
    You’ll get instant access to all of our features for a full 7 days.
  • Are there any set up fees or long-term contracts?
    We do not charge any setup fees. OAGenius is a month-to-month subscription service that you can cancel at any time.
  • Do I have to sync all of my inventory for management?
    Of course not, only add to the system the items that you would like to manage, and leave off any others.
  • How easy is it to add listings for management?
    It's simple, there are two ways you can add inventory into OAGenius: 1) Import via a .CSV file 2) List products one at a time via the interface
  • Can I list products to Amazon through the system?
    You surely can! listing to Amazon through our lister is easy, simply input a few parameters and you'll simultaniously list to Amazon and our system for monitoring and management. You can also upload listings to Amazon and OAGenius in bulk, if your virual assistants are sourcing products into a spreadsheet.
  • How often do you monitor for the source sites for available inventory and price changes
    We target a pull from the source sites every 45-60 mins for all active listings within the system.
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