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Stacked for Success: Stacking the Right Tools for Amazon Dropshipping

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

As an Amazon dropshipper/arbitrager, you’ve got a lot on your plate — especially if you plan on earning between the 6 or 7 figures the industry is known to provide.

The possibilities are endless. In a business where you have the power of selling without dealing with the expense of a physical inventory location, the world is your oyster. However, in order to ensure the best results, you need to manage your dropshipping business like the sophisticated enterprise it is.

There are many moving parts you’ll need to manage in this line of work. In order to be successful, you’ll need to acquire the right stack of online tools to take care of the multiple facets of your business such as:

  • Team/productivity management

  • Client feedback and marketing

  • Sourcing profitable items

  • Financial management

  • Winning buy boxes

  • And more!

By utilizing a harmonious combination of the following tools, your dropshipping operation will be streamlined. Then you’ll really start brimming with profits!

Turn to the Help of a Genius

OAGenius is a highly versatile suite of dropshipping tools that will allow you to effectively scale your business. With it, you can list and sync your Amazon inventory for simple automated management, find up-to-date pricing, and organize order fulfillment, along with many other features which ensure you sell at max potential.

Even better, is that OAGenius uses API technology to integrate and share information with the repricing software and Amazon for inventory and order management. These apps were literally made to work with one another, encouraging the idea of tool stacking for arbitrage.

Furthermore, OAGenius’s product sourcing extension offers speed and precision for Amazon dropshippers to find the most profitable opportunities. ​It gives you the ability to automatically compare prices from many of the top retailers, filter your results, and add viable products to your buy list. All while browsing within your Chrome application.

Dominate the Buy Box with Informed Automated Repricing

If you’re in the dropshipping game, you already know the competition is stiff to win the much-desired Buy Box — particularly given Amazon’s intense focus on customers.

Think about this; 82% of Amazon sales go through the Buy Box. You’re pretty much toast without it. Therefore, you need the top-notch price management tools offered by to get your chunk of that lucrative real estate. This useful repricing tool is perfect if you’re looking for a pain-free setup process and hands-on support with automated price changes based on intricate analytics and proven strategies.

After starting with, the average user’s Buy Box ownership goes up by 63%.

Spot N Paste Allows You to Focus on What’s Important

Spot n Paste’s state-of-the-art order automation technology gives you the ability to use a ‘Universal Copier’ which copies addresses from anywhere on your computer. Then you can paste into any supplier you like. The ‘Universal Paster’ remembers the pasting format after you’ve done it once manually with a new supplier for all future pastes.

This great tool was designed to be the ultimate time-saver.

Get the Valuable Feedback You Need

One of the most important skills to have as an Amazon dropshipper is your marketing abilities. In this industry, your best form of marketing is by connecting with your customers and getting either feedback or a good review.

With Feedback Genius, you have a tool that saves you time by automating the email process while reaching buyers with relevant messages at the best possible time. It sends emails based on tracking information from UPS, FedEx, and USPS. You’ll also be notified about important seller feedback as soon as it's sent.

Make Team Management Simple with Hubstaff

Once your business has taken off and you suddenly have a team to manage, you might get stuck tracking their productivity instead of selling and scaling. Hubstaff makes it so team management is simple enough to not get in the way of growing your business.

Here is a list of features offered by Hubstaff:

  • Time tracking that’s responsive on desktop, web, or mobile

  • Online timesheets so you don’t have to worry about spreadsheets

  • Reporting tools that can accurately assess productivity data

  • Productivity monitoring tools that keep track of apps, URL, and activity percentages

  • Online team scheduling and attendance tracking

  • Payment and hourly rate tracking

Communication is Key

When managing a team communcation is key. The more you comminicate upfront and throughout the lifetime of the business the more successful you will be. In order to grow the business, you will also need to grow the team; and proper training sessions, onboarding and hiring personelle are of paramount importance. So how do you keep the lines of comminication open ?

There are a few options but at the top of the list two names come to mind:

Skype and Slack.

Sometimes easier than chatting is sending a simple video to explain the situation.

Loom has a great video recording extension that will surely come in handy.

Video calls for explanation, onboarding, and problem solving with the team can be done via skype (though the screensharing can sometimes be slow), so we would recommend ZOOM conferencing.

Keep Your Finances in Mint Condition

Now that you almost have all of the nitty-gritty of your business covered, you can focus on finances.

If you aren’t on top of the money coming in and the money going out, your business can come undone in an instant—especially when you’re selling a lot.

Mint offers budget management, bill tracking, and custom tips for reducing fees and saving money. Your dropshipping operation literally can’t afford to miss out on such a tool.

While Mint is a free tool the preference for a more professional bookeeping software is a paid online plan with Quickbooks.


When you’re a dropshipper/arbitrager, you’re dealing with many different elements that must be kept in good order. By stacking the right tools, you’ll benefit from a far more efficient and organized operation. Start building your profitable toolstack with a free trial from OAGenius.



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