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How One Dropshipper Took His Business Back and Scaled to $100K in Monthly Sales

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Greg Scheffler's dropshipping journey started out a little over a year ago. He signed up with an "automation company" and things went pretty well... for a few months.

But soon, the team he had entrusted his business to started to drop the ball. It wasn't long before they were refunding 30-40% of their orders due to out-of-stocks. He recalls one particular nightmarish Black Friday, where they did $15K in sales but spent the whole day issuing refunds and begging customers to remove their negative reviews.

"We were in survival mode," said Greg.

After switching to a new "automation company", Greg was exposed to OAGenius. "I noticed I had no out-of-stock items. When something did go out-of-stock, the team was sent an email with a notification when it came back in stock, so that they could quickly order it," he said.

Taking Back Control

Because of the confidence he gained from his experience with OAGenius, in April Greg decided to take back 100% control of his business. No more cutting into his profits by paying an "automation company".

He started using OAGenius software on his own and has scaled to $100K in monthly sales with almost no out-of-stock issues.

"We actually just got auto-ordering hooked up, which is absolutely amazing," said Greg. "OAGenius is ordering while I'm sleeping. I used to get freaked out. I'd be up at 3 or 4 in the morning to order stuff. It was just ridiculous!"

It was great catching up with Greg and listening to him share his journey with us.

Real Amazon Automation

We hear the different stories and the journeys everyday. Sellers have tried many things but still are not successful at building and scaling an Amazon store.

From manual stores, to outsourced VA’s, to spreadsheets, to paying 30K for “Automation Accounts” with so called “Automation Gurus” who don’t actually automate anything. They blend outdated spreadsheets with outsourced VA armies who are manually updating inventory, price, and placing orders. Not to mention the risk of theft or egregious errors.

Finally we can talk about real AUTOMATION STORES, where 90% of the heavy lifting is actually automated. Start learning how to be successful with your Amazon journey by setting up a call with us today!

We are thrilled as a company to be working with Greg and look forward to launching even more powerful automation.



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