How One Dropshipper Took His Business Back and Scaled to $100K in Monthly Sales

Greg Scheffler's dropshipping journey started out a little over a year ago. He signed up with an "automation company" and things went pretty well... for a few months.

But soon, the team he had entrusted his business to started to drop the ball. It wasn't long before they were refunding 30-40% of their orders due to out-of-stocks. He recalls one particular nightmarish Black Friday, where they did $15K in sales but spent the whole day issuing refunds and begging customers to remove their negative reviews.

"We were in survival mode," said Greg.

After switching to a new "automation company", Greg was exposed to OAGenius. "I noticed I had no out-of-stock items. When something did go out-of-stock, the team was sent an email with a notification when it came back in stock, so that they could quickly order it," he said.