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$29 > $39 Bed Bath and Beyond updated free shipping threshold!

Updated: Nov 29, 2018


Remember when there was a shift in the free shipping thresholds for Bed Bath and Beyond and nobody covered that news ? We do!

I guess this is something that the retailer probably wanted to slip under the radar.

It is important to note that while free shipping thresholds do change from time to time they are most likely moving in the other direction (lower).

The most important thing for online arbitrage dropshippers is that the tools and softwares make these adjustments on their behalf.

When shipping thresholds come into play it is important for a good software to realize these thresholds have changed and use them to adjust your pricing for two reasons.

1) If an item crosses through a free shipping scenario to a paid shipping price and your price management system does not use this information properly you stand to lose money on those sales.

2) If an item crosses from a paid shipping price to a free shipping threshold and the system does not realize this information and make changes on your behalf you are missing out on the opportunity to be more competitive and you will likely be losing out on many sales.

Example 1:

Walmart free shipping threshold $35

Price of item day 1:

$34.00 + 5.99 shipping

price of that same item day 2:

35.00 + 0.00 shipping

If the software realizes this your new total cost being sent to the repricer is $4.99 cheaper meaning you can likely sell at a lower price and make more sales! Amazing!

Example 2:

Walmart free shipping threshold $35

Price of item day 1:

$35.00 + 0.00 shipping

Price of item day 2:

34.00 + 5.99 shipping

On day 2 if you make a sale you will lose $4.99 on that sale since the software did not account for the change. NOT SO AMAZING.

OAGenius has a setting called “auto assign shipping“, that will take these factors into consideration and auto assign the appropriate shipping to your items for suppliers that provide these free shipping thresholds. Sweet now what ?

It allows our sellers to sell with confidence and at a profitable price and always be the most competitive they can at every second throughout the day.

What do you have to do to set this up?

Setup is easy, view the screenshot below, set your "Auto Assign Shipping" and let us take care of the rest!

Don’t forget to invest in automation when it comes to retail/online arbitrage. The faster your price and quantity updates are sent, the better your positioning will be, and in turn the more sales and profits will be made!

Yours truly,

- The Real OAG

Oagenius dropshipping

OAGenius is a suite of tools that makes it easy for online/retail arbitrage Amazon Sellers to discover opportunities, list products, manage inventory, monitor prices, fulfill orders, and analyze reports that will help you grow your Amazon dropshipping business.  



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