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OAGenius lets you automatically place Walmart and Amazon orders

Put your orders on full or partial auto pilot, and we will place your orders at the source automatically!

OAGenius Place Dropshipping Orders Automatically

How it works


Fully-Automatic Orders

When you receive an order our software automatically places the order.


Grab Back-in-Stock Items

If an item comes back in stock, we will place that order immediately. 


Accurate and Safe Ordering

We only order items that you confirm as a match.* Our app never gets tired, so we never enter wrong recipient info or quantity.

*Walmart orders only

Place pending orders on Amazon or Walmart automatically as soon as they come in

​Putting your orders on auto pilot saves time, increases profits, and improves accuracy.

  • Place orders 24/7 and free up time to grow your business

  • Scoop up back-in-stock items first and cancel fewer orders

  • Never worry about having to give credit card info to a VA


🤖 Requires an OAGenius Sage Subscription 🤖
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100 Orders



500 Orders

Save 5%


1000 Orders

Save 10%


5000 Orders

Save 15%


Your first 20 orders are free with any plan.

Auto top-off option is available to refill your credits.

Articles to help grow your business.

Templates, webinars, guides, and more.

Feature walkthrus, motivation, Q&A, and hacks.

Connect with other dropshippers to swap ideas.

Monthly plans starting at $175.

Sage For Walmart

Monthly plans starting at $199.

Gravity Extension

Monthly plans starting at $29.

Sage For Walmart

Dropshipping Software for inventory, price, and orders.

Core dropshipping software, now available for Walmart selling.

Gravity Extension

Powerful product sourcing tool for finding profitable items to sell.