OAGenius partners up with Reverse DS to solve Walmart Dropshipping Return Management

Dropshippers can now accurately track and outsource all of their Walmart returns from one platform, while other dropshippers rely on outdated spreadsheets and take monthly losses on returns.

The new challenges with Walmart dropshipping

As you may know by now, the Walmart Marketplace has seen a ton of growth in the last few years, and there are huge opportunities for dropshippers to achieve high profit margins with much less competition than other big marketplaces like Amazon.

But many new and experienced dropshippers are facing new challenges with the Walmart Marketplace. Things that were once allowed in other platforms are not allowed or have completely changed in the Walmart Marketplace, resulting in significantly lower monthly profits, suspensions, and, even worse, account terminations!

Return management is one of the major challenges affecting Walmart dropshippers right now

Walmart, as a fairly new online professional selling platform, has certain standards that it wants to keep in order to be a competitive platform. A major one is the way they handle their customer returns with automated return approvals.

This means if a customer requests a return of an item, Walmart automatically approves it and issues a return label without even alerting the seller.

The problem is that the seller is not notified and now abruptly receives countless returns to the address on file, leaving them to deal with handling the return from A-Z.

For dropshippers, this can be a HUGE headache since they now have to reach back out to the original supplier, request a refund, relabel the package, and ship the item back to the original supplier. And all of that is just for a single return, so imagine keeping track of up to 200 returns every month!

If not tracked and handled properly, returns could mean thousands of dollars lost, countless man hours wasted, and your seller account at risk.

The solution for dropshipping geniuses is Reverse DS

Here at OAGenius, we're always trying to find solutions to the problems our clients face. After trying a number of other options, we can confidently say that Reverse DS is the best way to get a competitive edge when handling dropshipping returns.

Reverse DS is a professional return management company that was established to remove stress from Walmart dropshippers when it comes to managing returns.

Walmart sellers are now able to directly integrate with the Reverse DS platform and have all of their returns tracked and channeled through it.

This means all your Walmart returns will be shipped to a Reverse DS commercial address, where they will be received, relabeled, and shipped back to the supplier for you.

Literally all you (or your team) have to do is upload the supplier label into the Reverse DS platform and they will take care of the rest!

But what about automation companies? Reverse DS can accommodate single sellers or a company handling over 300 stores. They have a multi-user feature so you can easily manage all of your stores from one master login.

How does Reverse DS return management work?

Unlike anything on the market, Reverse DS combines cutting edge return software and a full warehouse service to make it all happen. Here are just a few of the things we liked about their service:

  • Receiving and storage for all incoming and outgoing returns

  • Complete return fulfillment for Walmart sellers

  • Real-time return tracking and reporting on all returns

  • 24/7 online return dashboard access

  • Full-time online support team to answer questions

The best way to explain how the system works is by breaking it down into a 3-step workflow.

Step 1: Walmart return label is issued When a customer requests a return, Walmart issues a return label addressed to the Reverse DS warehouse. Reverse DS provides this address when you start your 14-day free trial.

Step 2: Upload the supplier's label You or your team uploads your suppliers' labels into the Reverse DS platform.

Step 3: Reverse DS receives the item and ship it back to the supplier Once the package arrives at a Reverse DS warehouse, the Reverse DS team will track, relabel, and ship it back to your supplier.

To recap, once you upload the supplier return label to Reverse DS all your return orders will arrive at the Reverse DS warehouse where the team receives, relabels with the supplier's label, and ships out to your supplier quickly and effectively to gain you time and refunds back.

This takes all the handling and headaches away from the seller so they can solely focus on scaling their Walmart dropshipping store.

Conveniently, the Reverse DS dashboard has everything you need at a glance — being able to check the following information in an easy-to-digest view:

  • Date / Time

  • Return Status

  • Delivered Status

  • Order ID

  • Tracking Number

  • Return Number

  • Return Reason

  • Walmart Marketplace ID

  • Walmart Return Status

The Bottom Line

If you’re dropshipping on Walmart Marketplace, you no longer have to handle or worry about any monthly returns. Everything is tracked and done for you in one consolidated platform, Reverse DS.

For a limited time, the OAGenius community can get full access to Reverse DS with a FREE 14-day trial PLUS get 20% off your first month when you use the code OAGenius20 at sign up. Enjoy!

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