Are You Running an Amazon Automation Business?

OAGenius helps you truly automate your clients' sales, deliver more value, and free yourself up to take on more customers

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Automate orders, stop selling out-of-stock, and manage all of your clients' accounts in one convenient place

Automate Orders

With Auto Ordering enabled, we automatically log into the sourcing site and place any new orders that are rolling in.

Grabs back-in-stock items first!

Inventory Management

We automatically sync prices and inventory from source sites to Amazon, so you don't sell out-of-stock or for a loss.

Less cancelled orders and more profit!

Easy Admin Panel

Manage multiple clients and marketplaces in one place, freeing you up to take on more customers.

Automate day-to-day tasks and reporting! 


Is your automation business giving you a headache?

OAGenius relieves stress for you and delivers more value for your clients.

Struggling to scale up your VA teams fast enough to keep up with demand?

Use our software to automate your tedious day-to-day tasks instead of outsourcing them.

Canceling orders because items are going out-of-stock?

We adjust inventory levels in real time and put your pending orders on autopilot.

Searching for accurate sales numbers and juggling too many marketplaces?

Get the clarity you need with our convenient admin panel and straightforward reporting.

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60% Increase in Sales

"I no longer have to deal with the frustration of OOS products or missed sales opportunities. No more selling for a loss."



105% Increase in Sales

"I'm so happy with the efficiency. I've tried the competition and this is by far the best of all in my 4 years selling on Amazon."

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$100K in Monthly Sales

"Before OAGenius it was all headaches and fires, now I get to run an organized business while surfing all over the world."


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